The iPad Screen Saver

Dear Computer Lady,

Can you put a screen saver on IPAD?

Thanks, Louise

Dear Louise,

Actually, there is already a screensaver on your iPad, but it does not start automatically (that would result in drawing down your battery)

Here is how to turn on the screen saver on your iPad.

When your ipad is in sleep mode, push the power button at the top of your ipad, or press your home button once.

The unlock screen will be displayed. Look for the small flower icon in the lower-right corner of the screen and tap on it to start the slideshow screensaver.

You can tweak a few settings for the screen saver in the settings of your iPad.

Tap the “Picture Frame” button in the left of the “Settings” app, and you can adjust the type of transition, the amount of time each photo is displayed, and even what folders you want to use.



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