Websites Close on iPad

Dear Computer Lady,

My iPad has just started acting up.
I will be on a website and it abruptly knocks me off and puts me on the home page where all the apps are.

I have tried closing out all sites I am on. I have turned off iPad and done a reset.

Have you heard of this happening?

Thank you, Lo

Dear Lo,

I have not heard of this happening with Safari, the web browser on the iPad, but this is how an app behaves on the iPad when it crashes, and I have had a couple of apps crash on my iPad.

So far, you have tried all the right things, First closing down all the web pages, then closing all your running apps, and finally turning the iPad completely off and turning it back on.

If those steps have not worked, it is probably time to contact Apple support. Your best bet is to bring it to your local Apple Store. If that is not an option for you, check out the Apple support website at:



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