Which Tablet to Buy?

Dear Elizabeth,

I’ve been a subscriber for many years and always learn something new from you. I appreciate the way you explain procedures in plain English.

I’ve been looking at tablets for six months and trying to decide which one to buy.

I have a laptop, windows 7, that I take with me when I travel but it is too heavy and bulky. I’d much prefer to carry a tablet and still be able to check email, research on the web, play games, watch movies, access maps, etc.

I’ve looked at iPad, Kindle Fire HD, Galaxy, etc. but I don’t know which one will do all I want to
do. I would like to keep the cost as low as possible.

Can you help and make a recommendation?

Thanks, Wanda

Dear Wanda,

You should be able to check your email, surf the web and play games on any of the devices you mentioned.

If you want to access maps while you travel, you will have to get a device with 4G and you will need a data plan from your cell phone company. The 4G will add about $100 to the cost of your tablet, and the data plan will have a monthly charge from your cell phone company.

With the Kindle Fire, you will be able to watch your Amazon Prime movies in addition to Netflix and Hulu Plus, while the iPad doesn’t seem to have a way to play the Amazon Prime Movies.



It’s Your Turn: What do you think? I would love to hear which tablet you are using, and what you use it for.
…. Share your experience in the comments box below.

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