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Dear Computer Lady,

A friend suggested I install Infranview to edit pictures.

When I Google Infranview… all that comes up is IRFANVIEW.

This friend sent me a link to her picture editing program and it definitely show Infranview but this page shows a list of “sponsors” for editing pictures.

Whether I try to download Infranview or Irfanview, my AVG virus program comes up and advises against the downloads, one stating that it is a relatively new program, and the other attempt simply would not let me do the download.

This friend has highly recommended her picture editing program and I would love to have it .
Thanks for your help.

Diz (Maine)

Dear Diz,

I have not heard of Infranview, but I have used Irfanview for more than 10 years and I think it is a great program.

I did an online search for the program you are looking for, but all I found was various websites that look like they were set up to take advantage of people who were searching for Irfanview, but spelled it wrong.

The program, Irfanview is a great little program for viewing images and doing some basic editing. When you view a folder full of photos using Irfanview, you just open the first image, and can quickly go from one image to the next using the space bar on your keyboard. I also like to use it to crop, re-size and convert my images, but it is not as good at adding text or combining images.

You can find Irfanview at:
Here is a direct link to download it:
My AVG is happy with that download.

When I want to use more powerful image editing features, I use a free, open source program called, Gimp which is available at:

Gimp is a very powerful image editing program similar to expensive programs like photoshop. If you are not familiar with image editing programs, the Gimp website has some tutorials, and you can usually find a tutorial for what you want to do with a simple Google search.



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    • Emma
    • February 14, 2013

    I second the use of Irfanview. I use it all the time to edit wallpaper and make matching icons for my desktop.

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