How To Change The Name of a Kindle

Dear Computer Lady,

When I bought my Kindle Fire, Amazon gave it a name, “Grace’s 3rd Kindle”.

I don’t really like that name for my Kindle. Is is possible to give it a new name?


Dear Grace,

You can change the name of your Kindle Fire. You can’t do it on the Kindle though, you have to do it on Amazon’s website.

Go to, and locate the menu on the left that says, “Shop by Department”.

In that menu, point to “Kindle” and then click on “Manage Your Kindle” at the bottom of the right column.

Sign into your account, then find the menu on the left of the resulting page. In that menu, click on “Manage Your Devices” and wait while the page loads.

Locate your device and click “Edit” next to the name of your Kindle Fire.

In the small dialog box that appears, type a new name for your Kindle Fire, then click on the, “Update” button.

It might take a few hours for the changes to take effect, but after that, your Kindle will have a new name.



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