Keeping Kindle Books

Dear Computer Lady,

I’m not really familiar with Kindle or Nook, but I’m seriously thinking about getting a Kindle Touch. Can you help me with some questions?

If I buy a Kindle book (Kindle store on Amazon, I guess?), even if the price is $0.00, do I have it FOREVER, or does it go away at some point, or does it only go away if I somehow delete it? CAN I delete books off the Kindle—I mean is that one of the features?

Thanks, Sherry


Dear Sherry,

When you buy a kindle book from Amazon (even if the price is $0.00) you will have that book on your kindle until you decide to delete it from the Kindle.
Even after you remove the book from your Kindle, it will be available on your account at for you to download to your Kindle, or any other device that has Kindle software. Amazon has Kindle software (Sometimes called apps) for your Windows Computer, smart phone, iPhone, iPad and tablet computer, so the number of devices that you can read one book on is amazing.

As long as you have that account with, your book will be available for you to retrieve.


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