Kindle App on Laptop Computer

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I was reading your reply to one of your fans and you mentioned that you have a kindle app on your laptop computer. I do not own a smart phone or tablet but I do have a Kindle for reading my favorite books. Since I know nothing of apps, I figured I’d ask you as you have helped me many times in the past. (Thank you.) How do I get the Kindle app and how do I put it on my computer?

Thanks in advance for all your advice.


Dear Margaret,

It is fairly easy to install the Kindle app (it is really a program) on your desktop or laptop computer.

First, go to

In the menu on the left of your screen, point to, “Kindle E-readers & Books”.

The menu will expand. Find the, “Apps & Resources” section of the menu, and click on, “Free Kindle Reading Apps”.

You will find a list of devices that you can read your Kindle books on. In the, “Computers” section, click on the version of Windows that you have.

On the next screen, click the “Download Now” button.

Your file will start to download, and a page will be displayed with directions for installing the program once the download is finished.

I hope you enjoy your new app!


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