Kindle Fire Charging Tips

Hi Elizabeth,
Enjoy your newsletters. Tablet edition is a little sparse. How about tackling some basic issues? For instance: battery life?

Start with the fundamentals. I have a KF and my grandson has recently been playing games I downloaded for him. It sucks up battery life pretty quickly. So, I began to Google info. Found it would charge faster if wifi was turned OFF; he can still play games (and can’t inadvertently purchase anything!) and I can read with wifi OFF. I can turn wifi on when I need to sync or access the web.

I also learned there are faster chargers available. Amazon makes and sells ($20) a 9W one that works on KF and others but I found the same brand-new Amazon one on eBay for about $7 with free shipping. Wow, it charged my KF in about 3.5 hours vs 6-8.

Anyway, basic tips similar to this might be helpful.

Best regards, Carolyn

Dear Carolyn,

Thank you for sharing the Kindle Fire Charging tips with us!

At this point, the tablet edition of Ask The Computer Lady is a little sparse because there are not many questions being submitted. If no one asks, I really don’t know what people need covered in the newsletter.

Please continue sharing tips with us as you learn them!



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