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Dear Computer Lady,

I received a Kindle for Christmas and I know how to download apps and books.

I downloaded the app for yahoo mail and I was using it to read my email, but some of my friends received emails from me with links for some websites that I didn’t send to them.

My questions are, do I need to download a security program, and is it safe to read my email on the Kindle?

I like your newsletters and find them very informative.

Thank you for helping me, Millie

Dear Millie,

Your Kindle Fire probably doesn’t need any security software since most malware and viruses are written for Windows operating systems, not Android systems, which is what your Kindle Fire runs.

However, if you want to be really secure, Amazon does have a free app called, Lookout Mobile Security that you can download and install.

As for your problem with Yahoo mail, it is far more likely that your yahoo mail was hacked into from their website than on your Kindle. I would suggest that you change your yahoo password to help prevent that from happening again.

It is safe to read your email on your Kindle, just remember to follow common sense and not open any suspicious messages just like on your computer.



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