Kindle Fire Sync Function

Dear Computer Lady,

Kindle Fire Sync, How does it work? What’s it for?
I’m a New user, and I love using K.F. don’t understand all the bells and whistles.

Please enlighten me.

Thank you, Sully

Dear Sully,

Amazon actually calls their sync function, whistersync, and it has been around on Kindle devices even before the Kindle Fire.

Whispersync doesn’t sync things like your contacts, calendar or email, instead, it syncs the books on all your reading devices.

Let’s imagine that you have a Kindle book that you are reading. You might start out reading it on your way to work on your iPhone, then read some more on your PC at work, then finally when you are home relaxing for the evening, you read more of the same book on your Kindle Fire.

Whispersync works behind the scenes to automatically coordinate your reading location, notes and highlights in the book you are reading. When you open your Kindle Fire in the evening, it will automatically know where you left off reading on your PC at work.

The great thing about whispersync is that you don’t have to do anything to make it work, it just automatically does it for you.



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