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Dear Computer Lady,

I’m not really familiar with Kindle or Nook, but I’m seriously thinking about getting a Kindle Touch. Can you help me with some questions?

I have heard that local libraries have “free downloads” to Kindles (and possibly some other readers), but if I download a book at my library, do I have it for only 2 weeks like I would if I checked out a “normal book”?

Thanks, Sherry


Dear Sherry,

I did a little research on Amazon’s website and found that questions about loan duration need to be asked at your local library. The Maine state library has a lending period of either 7 or 14 days, the choice appears to be yours.

Once the lending period is over, the book remains on your Kindle until you delete it, but you will not be able to open it. It does appear that you can check out the same book again if you did not finish it in the time you had it checked out.

I would suggest you check with your local library to see what their ebook lending program is like.


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