Transfer Pictures From Kindle Fire to Computer

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a question about my Kindle Fire. I have transferred some pictures from my computer to my Kindle and would like to know how to transfer pictures from my Kindle Fire to my computer in order to increase available memory. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Rexette

Dear Rexette,

All you need to do, is attach your Kindle Fire to your computer using the usb cable that came with the Kindle and you will be able to copy files back and forth just as if your Kindle was a flash drive.

Simply plug the Kindle Fire into your computer, and go to the “My Computer” window.

Your Kindle Fire will show up under the “Portable Devices” section, and should be simply named, Kindle.

Double click on “Kindle” and you will see, Internal Storage. Double click on “Internal Storage” and find the, “Pictures” folder.

Locate the pictures you want to transfer to your computer and drag them to a folder on your computer.

Once the pictures are on your computer, you can delete them from the Kindle.



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