Double Space Word

Dear Computer Lady,

I have Windows XP and Microsoft Word. There are some documents for which I need the lines double spaced. When I click on FORMAT, I cannot find a direction for that order.

Can you tell me what I must do?

Thank you, TwoJunes


Dear TwoJunes,

In order to double space in word, you first select the text that you want double spaced. If it is your whole document, just press Ctrl and A to select the whole document.

In the Menu bar, click on “Format” and then “Paragraph”

In the “Paragraph” window, look for the section titled “Spacing” it will be about half way down the window.

Under “Line Spacing” there is a drop down list where you can chose single, double or several other options for spacing.

When you have made your selection, click “OK” to finish.


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