How To Create A Sub-Directory

Dear Computer Lady,

How do I create a sub-directory (I think that is what it is called) in MS Word… 2010 I think?

I have lots of recipes that I want to move to a sub-directory so I can get to them more quickly.

Thank you! La Juanna

Dear La Juanna,

There are a couple of ways you can create folders to organize your Word files.

First, you can go to the place you are saving your Word documents using File Explorer, and make new folders. Just open File Explorer and follow these directions:

To create a folder:
a. Open the location you want to create the folder in
b. Click the Home tab in the ribbon
c. Click the “New Folder” button
d. Type the name of your folder
e. Press the enter key on your keyboard
f. OR
g. Right-click in the content pane
h. Point to “New”
i. Click on “Folder”
j. Type the name of your folder
k. Press Enter

You can also create a folder when you are in the process of saving a Word Document. When you get to the part of the process where you select the location you want to save your document in, you can follow the second set of directions above to create a new folder.



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