How To Increase The Size of Images

Dear Computer Lady,

I can copy and paste pictures in my word processing documents but would like to increase their size to use them for applique work.

Is it possible to increase the size of the picture when sending it to the printer?

Thanks for any help you can offer, Joan

Dear Joan,

When you paste a picture into your word processing document, you should be able to easily resize it before sending it to the printer. These directions should get you started.

1. Open your word processing program and paste a picture into the empty document.

2. Once you image is in your document, click once on the image. An outline should appear around your image.

3. Each corner of the box around your image will have a small square or circle. Hover your mouse cursor over one of those corners and it will turn into a diagonal double arrow.

4. When you get that diagonal arrow hold down your left mouse button and drag the corner to make the picture larger. You can use the same method to make it smaller.

5. When the image is the size you want, you can go ahead and print your picture.



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