How To Open A Word Doc

Dear Computer Lady,

We met last summer when I brought my computer in from Ogunquit for you to fix..(Thanks again, it’s doing fine)
You have a couple of broken links on your website, fyi..(no form on Contact page)

I was trying to do a search on your website on what people could do to open a Word Doc on a website if they do not have MS Word..couldn’t find a search box, thought you had one!

Winter well, I am back in Texas for the winter as of yesterday!!


Dear Rica,

Thank you for your email. I do know that I have some broken links, I have been so busy fixing computers for others that I have not had the time to fix my own website.

As far as searching, if you click on the “Computer Questions” link on my website, you will be taken to all the questions and answers I have published.

There is a list of categories on the right, with a search box at the top of that list. You should be able to find what you are looking for there.

In regards to your question about opening Word Documents, I wrote an article earlier this month about that. You can find it at:



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