How To Open WP Files in Word

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I really like your letter each week.. When I started with the computer
20 years ago they were teaching Word Perfect and were sure that would be the going thing.

Now I have a lot of documents saved in WP and can’t open them — in WORD.

Do you have any ideas? Millie

Dear Millie,

Word can actually open quite a few word processing file types, you just need to follow a slightly different path to open the files.

Instead of just double clicking on the Word Perfect files and expecting your computer to open it in Word, try following these steps:

1. Open Microsoft Word first, and use Word to…

2. Click File.

3. Click Open.

4. In the Files of Type: dropdown box change to All Files (*.*)

5. Browse to the WP file you want to open.

6. Click it and select OK.

7. Word will perform the conversion.

8. Once the file has been opened, save it in Word format so that you will be able to open it in the future.



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