How To Use Word Documents on New Computer

Dear Computer Lady,

Your newsletters are terrific. Thank you! I just purchased a 2 in 1 laptop that has Windows 10 as the operating system. My issue is how do I open & edit my Word documents I’ve saved onto a USB drive from my older computer? They were all saved using Microsoft Word 2013 version.

Do I need to purchase Word (Office) again and download to my new computer in order to open, edit & re-save these documents on my USB Drive ? I only use Word in the Office set of programs (not Excel, not Powerpoint, etc.)

Thanks, Chris

Dear Chris,

You will need Word (or another program that can read and edit Word Files) installed on your new laptop, however, you don’t absolutely have to purchase a new copy for the new computer.

If you purchased Office 2013 on a disk, you should be able to install it from the disk on your new laptop. If your laptop doesn’t have an optical drive, you can either use a usb optical drive, or copy the contents of the disk onto a USB data stick (on another computer that has an optical drive) and install Office from the data stick.

If you purchased Office in the form of a small card with the product key on it, you would have used your Microsoft account to download and install Office. You can always go and download it again at: Just sign into your Microsoft account, and all the office products you have purchased will be listed.

If the first two options don’t work for you, you can purchase Office, or just Word again. Just make sure that you register it with your Microsoft account, and that you save your account information so that you can re-download it in the future.

Another option would be to use free, open source office software. My favorite is LibreOffice at:



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