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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I need your help.

Every time I copy a recipe and send it to Word, it comes out 1.5 spacing and I want single spacing. I have to highlight everything and open a box above and change it to single spacing every time I use it.

Can you please tell me how to keep the spacing to single without having to change it every time I use it.

I use Mozilla Firefox and Windows 7. Any help will be much appreciated. You are always such a great help.

Thanks a million, Lori

Dear Lori,

It sounds like you need to set the default line spacing in Word.

Since you already know how to adjust the line spacing in Word, you are already halfway there. Just follow these directions:

1. Open a blank document in Word.
2. Use the key combination Ctrl + A to select the entire document, or find, “Select All” in the toolbar at the top and use that.
3. Now, go to the settings and change your line spacing to your desired setting.
4. If you didn’t open the paragraph dialog box to change your line spacing, click on the little arrow in the lower-right corner of the paragraph section of your toolbar.
5. At the bottom of the dialog box, there is a button that says, “Set as default” click on that button to save your settings for all future documents.

Now, when you paste into Word, your lines should be single spaced or whatever setting you decide.



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