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Dear Computer Lady,

Thanks for your newsletter. I always look forward to reading it. I have Windows XP, along with MS Word 2000 and Excel 2000. I have a spreadsheet in Excel that contains about 200 names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Could you tell me how to print labels from Excel using this spreadsheet? Do they need to be printed in Word?

Thank you for any help.



Dear Tom,

When you have a database of names and addresses in Excel, you can do a mail merge in Word using the spreadsheet as the source of your data.

First, I am assuming that your spreadsheet is set up with a column for each of these fields: Last Name, First Name, Address, City, State and Zip Code.

1. To get started, make sure your spreadsheet is CLOSED. This will not work if the spreadsheet is open. You will also need to know where the spreadsheet is located, and the name of the tab on the bottom of the worksheet you are using.

2. Open Microsoft Word.

3. In the Menu bar click on “Tools”, point to “Letters & Mailings” and then click on “Mail Merge”. This will open up a toolbar on the right hand side of your Word window.

4. In this Mail Merge bar, under “Select document type” click on “Labels” to select, and then at the very bottom of the bar, click on “Next: Starting document”

5. Now, select your label type by clicking on “Label options…” select your label and then click “OK”. Click “Next: Select recipients” to continue.

6. Under “Select recipients” click on “Use an existing list” and then in the next section, click on “Browse…”.

7. A “Select Data Source” window will open. Browse to the folder containing your file, click on your file, then click “Open”.

8. A “Select Table” window will appear. Click on the name of the worksheet in your file that you are using. The name is the name of the tab on your worksheet. Click “OK”.

9. A window will open named “Mail Merge Recipients” Here you can select to include only selected records by checking or unchecking each row. When you are finished, click “OK” Then click on “Next: Arrange your labels” at the bottom of the Mail Merge Bar.

10: Here is where you set up the format for the labels. Click on “Address Block” and set it up the way you want it to look There is a sample box for you to look at as you make changes. When you are done, click “OK”

11: Now click on the button that says “Update all labels”. Click “Next: Preview your labels”

12: If the basic setup of the labels looks good, click on “Next: Complete the merge” and then click on “Edit individual labels…” so that you can fix any minor problems that you see.

13: When your labels are ready, go ahead and print them.


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