Searching in Word

Dear Computer Lady,

I need to go through a 6000 page CD for certain information.

Is there a program or ability in Word for me to highlight and “go to” any portion of the document containing one of three names.

Thank you in advance, Vicky


Dear Vicky,

Word does have some good search tools. Since you didn’t specify what version of Word you are using, I will give you directions that will work in Word 2007 and Word 2010.

1. Open your document in Word.
2. Make sure you have the “Home” tab selected in the ribbon area at the top of your window.
3. On the right edge of the window, there is a “Find” tool. Click on the word, “Find” and a small bar will appear on the left edge of your window.
4. Type the first name that you want to search for in the box at the top of the bar.
5. The number of matches will be displayed, and each instance of that name will be displayed.
6. Click on each small box to go directly to that location in your document.

This is a quick and easy way to locate information in a large document.


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