The Secret To Converting Docx To PDF

Dear Computer Lady,

My manuscript has been accepted by a publisher.

On my computer on the internet there is a complete copy of my work–in docx. The publisher wishes it to be in PDF.

How may I change the docx to PDF? Or, can the publisher change it to be able to edit it?

Thank you, John

Dear John,

The fact that your manuscript is in docx format tells me that you are using Microsoft Word. Fortunately, it is easy to export your work into PDF format. Here is how.

1. Open your manuscript in Word.

2. Click on the “File” tab, then click “Export” in the left column.

3. Click the button that says, “Create PDF/XPS”

4. A dialog box will open. Select where you want to save your document, and make sure the “Save as type:” line says, “.pdf”

5. Click the “Publish” button

You now have a copy of your work in PDF format that you can send to your publisher.



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