Trying to Merge Word Documents

Dear Computer Lady,

I’m running Windows 7 Professional and Microsoft Office word 2007.

Using the instructions as offered via the help button, I’ve tried twice to merge two documents by adding one document to the bottom of another one, but both times it didn’t merge.

In addition, I lost the document that I was trying to add on.

I’m desperate, can you help me?

Thank you very much, Barbara

Dear Barbara,

I must confess that I have never tried to merge Word documents in the manner that you describe.

I would simply copy the content of one document, and paste it into the other document.

I’m curious, have you tried this solution?

Simply take the document that you want to go on the bottom, click once inside the document, and press Ctrl + A on your keyboard (Ctrl + a will select all of your document)

Once all the content of your document is selected, copy it using either your keyboard (Ctrl + C), the edit menu in Word, or right click on the selected text and click on “Copy”.

Next, click once in the bottom of the second document where you want the content of the first document to go and paste.

You can past using the keyboard (Ctrl + V) the edit menu, or right click menu.


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