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Dear Computer Lady,

I recently installed Office 2007 on my computer, and now when I send a Word document attached to an email, no one is able to open it. What happened, and how can I save all my documents so that others can open them?

Thanks, Nancy


Dear Nancy,

Microsoft Word 2007 has a new file format for documents. Previous versions of Word used the .doc file format while Word 2007 uses a . docx format that older versions, and other word processing programs can’t read.

You can, however, save your documents in the old format, here is how:

1. With your document open in Microsoft Word 2007, click on the “Office Button” in the upper left hand corner of the Word Window, point to “Save As” and click on “Word 97-2003 Document”.

2. In the “Save As” window, type a file name for your document and then click the “Save” button.

If you want to have Word 2007 automatically save all your files in the old format, you can do that by changing some settings. Here is how:

1. With Word 2007 open on your screen, click on the “Office Button”.

2. At the bottom of the drop down menu, click on the button that says “Word Options”.

3. In the Word Options window, click on the “Save” tab on the left of the screen.

4. On the right side of the Word Options window, find the setting that says “Save files in this format” and change it from “Word Document (*.docx)” to “Word 97-2003 Document(*.doc)”

5. Click “OK” to save your changes.


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