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Word 2007 Document Views

Dear Computer Lady,

I really hope you can help me. Normally, when I open a Word document, it looks like a sheet of paper and when I type in the window, I can see the document just like it will look when I print it out.

The other day, I opened a document, and it didn’t look right at all. All the printing was aligned on the left, and some of the headings were not the right size. Now, all my documents look the same way.

I am using Office 2007. Help! Leanne


Dear Leanne,

Microsoft Word is capable of displaying your document to you in several different views.

Lets take a look at what views are available, and how you can change your document back to the correct view.

First, in Word 2007, you can change the view you are using by clicking on the “View” tab in the ribbon, and then looking in the “Document Views” section.

You will see that there are 5 views available, and the view that you are currently using is highlighted. I am currently using the “Print Layout” view.

The Print Layout view displays your document on the screen just like it would look when you print it out on a sheet of paper. If you are creating a document that will be printed, this view is probably the most useful one for you. It shows you the edges of your paper and where on the page the text will appear.

The next view available is the Full Screen Reading view. When you click on this view, most of the toolbars in the Word window will disappear, and your document will open up like it is a book on your screen. If your document has more than one page, the pages will be side by side and you will be able to scroll through the pages by clicking the small arrows located in the lower corners, or you can use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

When you are finished with the Full Screen Reading View, click the “Close” button in the upper-right corner of the window.

You can use Microsoft Office Word to create web pages in addition to printed pages. In order to see what a Word document would look like if you published it as a web page, click on the “Web Layout” view button. You will notice that your document no longer resembles a sheet of paper, but instead, it looks like a basic web page.

The Outline view allows you to view the document in an outline format and use some special outlining tools. If you tend to write your document first, and then rearrange the content later, the outline view will make that easier for you. When you are done with the Outline view, you can use the “Close Outline View” button to get back to your regular document.

The Draft view is another view that is useful when you are editing your document. It shows the document in draft form, focusing more on the text than the formatting. This allows you to quickly proofread and edit your text without worrying about things like headers and footers.

I would encourage you to take some time to get used to the different views in Word, and discover how they can help you work more efficiently. When most of us are working in Microsoft Word, we tend to use only one view, and never get to take advantage of additional views.


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