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Dear Computer Lady,

Do you know of a music jukebox that works on windows7 other than iTunes?

I want to play discs and burn discs also.

Thanks, Judy

Dear Judy,

Windows 7 has Windows Media Player which will play your music, Rip CDs to your hard drive, and allow you to burn disks. Windows Media Player is still available in Windows 10 as well.

I tend to use Roxio Creator to burn my music CDs. I have a better success rate when trying to play the disks in different types of CD players.

As far as other programs, I found a few, but don’t have any experience with them. I would suggest you go to and download these from the “Media” section.

AIMP at:

Foobar2000 at:

MusicBee at: (I like the looks of this one)

MediaMonkey at:

I hope this helps you find a good program that will meet your needs.



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