Printing parts of a page

Dear Computer Lady,

In response to your request about copying the part that Hugh wants:
I would copy and paste the piece that I want to save;  paste it into a Word document, then print it from there.
Do you have a better suggestion? I should be interested to know what it is too!  That one has worked well for me!
Thanks for all your tips, Julie.

Dear Julie,

Your solution is a great one, and you are using programs that you already have installed on your computer.

My solution is a little bit different, but it works best for me.

I have a program on my computer called ClipMate which automatically saves everything I copy in a list.
When I want to save parts of an article, I copy each part one at a time. Then, I open ClipMate and select the different clips that I have copied.

With the multiple clips selected, I click on the “glue” button which combines the clips. I can now, either print, or save the parts of the newsletter that I want.

You can try ClipMate free for 30 days, just click here to Download

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