Word Non-printing characters

Dear Computer Lady,

I currently work in Word 2007. In previous versions of Word you could view how a document was created (if a table was used to format were pictures were placed and where text was placed etc.) It could be viewed but did not show up when printed.  

I am unable to find this ability in 2007 can you help me?  

Thank you, Mary


Dear Mary,

From your description, I am pretty sure you are looking for the formatting symbols. These are non-printing characters that show a symbol for the enter key, for tab, spacebar, and other formatting characters that don’t actually show when you print your document.

In Word 2007, you can view those non-printing symbols by clicking on the, “Show/Hide” button. It can be located by clicking on the “Home” tab and looking about halfway across the top of the screen. The “Show/Hide” button has the paragraph symbol on it.

Click once on that button to show the non-printing characters, click on it again to hide them.


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