Excel 2010 problem

Dear Computer Lady,

My wife and I love your column! I just purchased a new Toshiba Satelitte A665D-S6051 laptop running Windows 7. Through a licensing agreement with Microsoft and the university I am attending, I was able to install a fully licensed download of Office 2010 to use while I am a student there.

My question is about Excel. Each time I double-click on a saved Excel spreadsheet I get an error message that reads: “there was a problem sending a command to the program.” Then a new blank spreadsheet opens and in order to open the saved sheet, I have to go to File and click on it there. Do you know of a way to fix this problem? I have gone into Excel, Options, Advanced and made sure the box that says something about “ignore…etc.” is unchecked.

Thank you for any suggestions or help, Don


Dear Don,

This is really more of a troubleshooting question than a “how to” question, but I will try to help you with your problem.

I did a little bit of research on the internet, and found that you are not the only person having this problem, it seems to be rather common.

I also learned that there is no single fix for this problem. What works for some users,does not work for others. The most informative reading I found was here:


If you are not comfortable trying the solutions mentioned on this site, perhaps the IT folks at your university might be able to help.

I think I would try the suggestion to uninstall Excel, make sure you delete all the folders that were part of the original install, restart the computer, and then install Excel again.

I hope this helps, Elizabeth

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