Word Document Too Small

Dear Computer Lady,

I was typing in Word 2010 and all of a sudden the size of the document got very small and the size of the text became so small I can’t read it at all. This is just a starter version of Word 2010 that came with my new laptop.

Thanks so much for your help! Jan


Dear Jan,

I can’t be sure, but, based on what you have told me, I am guessing that you accidentally clicked on something that changed the size of the View in Word.

Here is how to change it back to something you can read again.

1. With your document open in Word, click on the “View” tab at the top of the window.

2. Find the “Zoom” section near the middle of the ribbon (The toolbar in Word 2010 is called the ribbon).

3. The quickest way to get your document full size again, is to click the “100%” icon in the zoom section.

4. You can also click the “Zoom” icon, and then enter any percentage.

One thing to remember is that any settings you change in your view do not change the size of text when you print your document. The View settings only change the size of the document as displayed on your screen.

Hope this helps, Elizabeth

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