Organizing Recipes in OneNote

Dear Computer Lady,

Thank you for answers to questions. I always enjoy reading your column and a lot of question are some I have had.

My computer person tells me there is no way to convert a scan to notebook or notepad.

I want to scan lots of old recipes and put them in folders using notebook or notepad. Word documents takes up too much space. I have hundreds of old books and recipes.

I would appreciate any thoughts you might have. AND many thanks, Gayle

Dear Gayle,

When you scan a document like a recipe, it is a picture, not text that you can edit. You would need OCR software to convert your scan to text, and that doesn’t always work very well.

Since Notepad is a plain text program, you cannot put your scanned photo of a recipe into Notepad.

You can, however scan and store your recipes in Microsoft OneNote. I have a rather large recipe collection currently stored in OneNote, and it allows me to organize them into chapters and pages. Most of my recipes have been copied and pasted from various web sites, but I have also taken pictures with my phone and saved the pictures in a OneNote page.

Hopefully this will help you with your recipe collection.



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