No Icons in Outlook

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a question.

I have no problems with my computer except when I open Outlook, I have no pictures or arrows to click on to open them. The text is fine, but I have no photos with the stories.

Can you help? Terry

Dear Terry,

It sounds like Outlook is blocking your pictures. The program does this to protect you from automatically loading files that might be infected with a virus or some sort of malware.

In most email programs, there is a lightly shaded bar at the top of the message. Outlook calls it an, “Infobar”. Click on this infobar, and then click, “Download Pictures” to display the images.

If you want to display just a single image in an email message, right click on the spot where the picture should be (there will be a box with a red, X where the image should be) and click, “Download Pictures” in the drop down menu that appears.

Hopefully this will help you enjoy your emails even more.



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