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Dear Computer Lady,

Thank you for the many nuggets of information I’ve received from you.

I am having difficulty remembering the many passwords and user IDs I have used.

I’ve read several articles providing what the authors thought were good ways to create strong passwords and how to remember them. None of them would work for me.

What is your opinion of password managers?

I would like to find one that is secure and relatively easy to use.

Does such a thing exist? John

Dear John,

I can certainly relate to having too many passwords!

I have used several solutions over the years, for a long time I used a program called, Mindful to keep track of my passwords. It was installed on my desktop computer, and required a master password to get in and view all the other passwords.

The downside to this solution was that I had to be at my desktop computer in order to lookup a password, and I had to manually go in and add or update passwords as I created them. Sometimes I forgot or was just too busy.

For the past year, I have used an online service called LastPass. They appear to be very secure, and the bonus is that I can access my passwords across all my devices, my desktop, laptop and even my iPad.

In addition, Lastpass monitors my internet usage, and whenever I create a new password, or change an existing one, it prompts me to save the new password.

Now, the master password that I use to log into LastPass, is the last password that I ever need to remember.


PS: I have never recorded my banking passwords in any password manager or computer file. Those are strictly in my head.


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    • PC Man
    • March 30, 2013

    IMHO online password managers are not as secure as PC based. Lastpass has already been broken in to last year, and even tho it supposedly did not reveal user passwords it still concerns me that all of my passwords are out there.
    Re: “I have never recorded my banking passwords in any password manager or computer file”.
    Many banks use your email account to recover lost passwords, so if I have your email password then I theoretically could reset your bank password.I would recommend a password manager like Roboform if online password security is a concern to you.

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