iCloud on Android Phone

Hi Elizabeth,

I wonder if you can help me with directions to sync/connect iCloud to my Droid Razr cell phone.
I did load it to my iPad & pc , but there are conflicting opinions as to my connecting to the phone.

I have been an avid follower of your newsletters and advice for many years now, therefore once
again I am seeking your guidance.

I did see your answer in recent newsletter but its is not specific enough for me to actually install it. Is it safe to do this or am I opening a bag of worms??

Thank you for your continued help & guidance, I never miss a newletter!


Dear Nancy,

I don’t own a Droid cell phone, so I cant’ really tell you how to sync iCloud with it.

I did find a great web site with directions at:


However, if your phone has a web browser and a data plan, you can simply go to www.icloud.com log in with your apple ID and view all your icloud data, including your calendar, email, and contacts.



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