Increasing Storage For iPhone Photos

Dear Computer Lady,

Thank you for all your help over the years.

I have Windows 10. How do I increase the internal storage on my PC for iPhone photos?

I have 29.8 GB free space. I have used 28.5 GB space, which leaves me with 1.22 GB space remaining. Thank you for your help.

Robert in CA

Dear Robert,

I am going to guess that the limit on photo storage is coming from your phone and not your PC.

Your PC can hold as many photos as it has room for on the hard drive, so unless your hard drive is almost full, you should not have a limit there. A quick way to check is to open “File Explorer” on your PC, click on “This PC” in the navigation pane on the left, then right click on your “C:” drive on the right and select “Properties” from the context menu that appears.

If you have plenty of room on your PC, it is not the cause of your limited storage.

Next, check your phone:
Tap on “Settings”, then “General” and “About”.
Scroll down until you see “Available” and look at the number on the right. This is how much space is available on your phone.
Unfortunately, if your phone is running low on space, the only options I know of are to delete things from your phone, or upgrade to a phone with more storage space.



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