Archiving Photos

Dear Computer Lady,

I have about 1000 digital pictures on my computer. Some are simply irreplaceable.

I don’t wish to have them printed, but would like to preserve them on CDs. Which CD is best to use? I heard that, over time, pictures can be lost if certain CDs are used.

Thank you in advance, Sharon


Hi Sharon,

CDs or DVDs are the best medium for long term storage of files, but no one can say for sure what the length of that storage really is. CD-Rs simply have not been around for 100 years.

In addition to that, you also want to consider other factors like theft, or fire. If you only have one copy, in either of those events your pictures could be lost.

I would buy a good quality CD-R or DVD-R (not re-writable) and make more than one backup copy using a program like Roxio Creator. Store them in several different locations. Then as time passes, you can make a new, updated copy each year.

That way, all your pictures are in more than one safe place, and you always have a copy that is less than a year old.


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