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Dear Computer Lady,

I really enjoy your newsletter and hope you can help me. I have been using Picasa for years to edit photos and then post on a listing to Etsy and a couple of other online stores. It has been very easy to use. Now, all of a sudden my unedited photos are showing up on etsy instead of the edited photos. Picasa does not seem to have a help desk and their user forum has tried to help but so far nothing works. Do you have any ideas? Failing that, can you recommend another photo hosting site that is not too complicated? I am not very tech savvy. Thanks!


Dear Barbara,

Since I have not been able to observe your process when editing photos, I can only guess at what is going wrong. Here are a few things to check.

1. Are you clicking the “Apply” button after editing your photos?

2. It appears that Picasa only saves some of the changes in the program unless you resave the file. Once you are done making your changes, click on “File” and “Save As” and save a copy of your picture. Upload the new copy to your Etsy listing.

3. You can also export the picture to a folder of recently updated photos, then use that folder to upload your pictures to Etsy. Just click, “File”, then, “Export Picture To Folder”



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