How To Add Text To Pictures

Dear Computer Lady,

When I pick a picture from “My pictures” (It may be a picture from an E-mail, Newsletter or magazine that I have saved as) to E-mail to a friend; I would like to put a comment under the picture.

It doesn’t work for me as it won’t let me type on the picture copy page.

Can you advise me if this is possible or perhaps I should “save picture as” differently???

Thank you, Lorraine

Dear Lorraine,

What you need to add text to a picture is an image editing program. There are many image editing programs out there, but if you are using a computer with Windows on it you already have a basic image editing program included called, Paint.

You can easily open your image in Paint, add text, and then save a copy of the image with the text added. Here is how:

1. Open Paint by clicking Start, pointing to “All Programs” then “Accessories” and finally click on “Paint”.

An alternate way to open Paint in Windows 7 is to click on “Start” and then type “Paint” in the search box.

2. Once you have Paint open, you can open your image using the file menu (Or click on the tab on the very left).

3. With your image open, you can then use Paint to add text to your image.

Another tool that you can use to put text on an image is Picasa at:

Picasa is a free image program from the folks at Google. When you open a picture in Picasa, just click on the wrench in the upper-left corner of your screen, then click on the text editing tool (It has ABC on the little icon) and add your text.

I hope this helps you with your photos.


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    • gmawathome
    • September 8, 2012

    Are you wanting to rename the photo? If that is the case then change the name when you ‘save as’.

    • DiggerP
    • September 8, 2012

    Hi Lorraine,

    Since it is evident that you’re not familiar with the procedure ,I’d like to add to Elizabeth’s answer.
    Your question was how to add text under (below) the picture.
    Personally I find this more elegant than writing on top of the picture.

    The principle for this is similar for most image editors
    and involves increasing the “canvas” and then writing
    in the extended area.

    Fortunately for me , Elizabeth had answered the text question before
    so I’ll just expand on that.
    My comments are interleaved as “subs” , like a.; b. etc. You can compare the differences in a tabbed browser.

    In Microsoft Paint: (Win7)

    1. Open Paint. Click on “start”, “All Programs”, “Accessories” and then, “Paint”.
    a. Type Paint in the Search box (Win7)

    2. Open your picture in Paint. Click on the tab to the left of “Home”, click on “Open”, navigate to your photo and click on it to open it.

    a. To add text below the picture you need to increase the Canvas.
    You do this by hovering over the little square at the bottom-(center) of the picture
    As soon the cursor turns into a double sided arrow , drag the bottom down
    to create an area for writing your comments.

    3. In the Paint toolbar, click on the “Text” tool (it looks like the letter A) and click on the picture where you want the text to go.
    a. In above sentence, substitute “picture” with the newly created area.
    b. A dotted outline will appear.Enlarge it by dragging the corners or sides to fill your available space.

    4. Type your text, and make any desired changes in the font, size and color in the text toolbar.
    a. Text color is selected by choosing Opaque then Color 1.
    b. Background color of the new area can be changed by selecting the box Color 2.
    c. If the pre-selected colors are not to your liking ,click on Edit Colors box and select a custom color.

    5. When you have finished editing your picture, save a copy using the “Save As” command (located under the tab on the left) and give it a different file name. That way, you will have your original file and your edited picture.

    Hope this description will do what you had in mind.
    Have fun deciding which fonts and colors you want.:)


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