How To Add Text to Pictures

Dear Computer Lady,

I take group pictures for a club I belong to and I would like to add a text to the picture.
For example the place and date where we had the meeting.

I do not have PhotoShop or similar programs.

Thanks for your help, Mary


Dear Mary,

You don’t need an expensive program like photoshop to add text to a picture, in fact, if you are using a computer with Microsoft Windows on it, you probably already have the software you need installed.

If for some reason, Microsoft Paint does not work for you, there are a couple of free picture editor programs that you can download and use that will add text to your photos. Irfanview, which is a small image viewing program that has limited editing functions as well, and Gimp, which is as powerful as PhotoShop, and will allow you to perform many image editing functions.

There is one other program, which I use almost every day that will add text, and other useful images to your pictures. SnagIt is a program that will record images of your screen, or open image files on your computer, and contains tools for marking up those images. I use it all the time when creating tutorials on my website.

Lets get started learning how to edit pictures.

In Microsoft Paint:

1. Open Paint. Click on “start”, “All Programs”, “Accessories” and then, “Paint”.

2. Open your picture in Paint. Click on the tab to the left of “Home”, click on “Open”, navigate to your photo and click on it to open it.

3. In the Paint toolbar, click on the “Text” tool (it looks like the letter A) and click on the picture where you want the text to go.

4. Type your text, and make any desired changes in the font, size and color in the text toolbar.

5. When you have finished editing your picture, save a copy using the “Save As” command (located under the tab on the left) and give it a different file name. That way, you will have your original file and your edited picture.

In Gimp:

1. Open Gimp. Click on “Start”, “All Programs”, and “Gimp”.

2. Open your picture in Gimp. Click on “File”, “Open”, navigate to your photo, and double click on it.

3. Click on the text tool in the left hand tool section, and click on the picture where you want the text to go.

4. Type your text and make any changes to the font, size, etc.

5. When you are happy with your text, click on “File” and “Export” to save a copy of your edited photo.

If you don’t have Gimp, and want to give it a try on either a Mac or a PC, go to to download.


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