How To Easily Put My Photos in Order

Dear Computer Lady,

Regarding photos. I do use Picasa but have not used it correctly and my photos are a jumble.

Do you have a program in mind that will make it easy to put my photos in some kind of order? For some reason I find multiples of some of the photos!

I read your comments on storing them on CD/DVD’s.

Thanks for that info! Jean

Dear Jean,

Putting your photos in order is easy if you start out with some sort of plan, and much harder the longer you go without a plan.

Picasa makes it pretty easy to organise your photos, and I am not aware of any program that makes it easier.

I personally don’t use Picasa, I just use Windows Explorer and store my pictures in folders by date.

For example, in my Pictures folder on my computer, I create a folder for each year. Inside each year, I have more folders broken down my month. As long as I can remember when an event occurred, I am able to find a picture for that event.

If you use Picasa, not only can you organize your pictures by date, but you can also tag the pictures with the names of the people or places in the pictures. That will make it easier to find photos of a certain person or a specific place.

No matter what program or method you use to organize your photos, if you have a lot of them already on your computer, it is going to take A LOT of work to get them organised.



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