How To Find Picasa Photos

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I had many photos on Picasa3 on my old Dell computer, which I recently replaced. I thought when I logged into Picasa on my new HP computer, I would find all my photos and web albums. All I have are the web albums. I cannot find my photos anywhere.

I thought they’d be stored in “the cloud” somewhere, but apparently all that is in the cloud are my web albums. I really would like all the other photos, of which there were hundreds.

Are they hiding somewhere? Any ideas on what I could do to recover them? I’m worried I’ll need to give up the search. I did save the old hard drive, but it had lots of viruses on it.

Thanks very much, Mary

Dear Mary,

I am not familiar with how Picasa stores things on the internet, but I do know that it works with pictures on your computer, and those pictures would still be located on your old hard drive.

I would suggest that you bring the old hard drive to your local computer repair shop and they will be able to get your photos off for you without having to worry about the viruses on the drive.

If you live in the area, that is a service I would be happy to provide for you.



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