How To Install Picasa

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

How do I install picasa on my computer?

I really need to get my pictures organized.


Dear NN,

The first step to installing Picasa on your computer is to download it from Google.

Go to: and click the blue button that says, “Download Picasa”.

Save the file on your computer, and when the download has finished, click on the file to run the installer.

Once the installer has finished, Picasa is ready to search for pictures on your computer.

Be sure to select “Only search My Documents, My Pictures and the Desktop” If you have Picasa search your entire computer, it will find the images that come with every program you have installed including Windows and your temporary internet files. That ends up being way too many unwanted images to sort through. If you have pictures stored in a different folder, you can always go back and add another location later.

Give the program some time to find your images, then you can start to view and organize the pictures.



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