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My question is this: I have many photos on my computer (Windows 7), some in my Pictures folder, and some in a folder in My Documents (when transferred over from an old computer).

I’d like to organize all these photos in one place with the ability to cross reference them. For instance, I’d like to look them up by people, holiday, date, etc.

Is there a way to do this? I know it will be a long process, but I want to do it right the first time.

Thank you!! Stephanie

Dear Stephanie,

You are right, it will be a time consuming process, but with the right software, you should have no trouble with your organizing.

Here are some things that I do.

I have a folder for each year.

Inside the year folder, I create a folder for each month.

Inside the month folders, I create subfolders for different events like a birthday party or trip to the zoo.

Once you have your photos organized by date and event, you really need some sort of photo management software to take it to the next level and be able to cross reference. Picasa would be a good, free option.

With photo management software, you can tag the images with names of people, places, events, really anything that you want to use to organize your photos.



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    • Becky Schneider
    • June 23, 2014

    like the others, I wanted to mention Picasa’s face recognition feature. Even if you haven’t clicked on that person to confirm the picture is of that person, you can see all the pictures Picasa “thinks” are that person. This lady ought to be able to find plenty of pictures for her book project made up of the best shots of her late husband. If all the pictures under the name are the correct person, there is a “confirm all” button to click. I agree that it would be best to get her pics all into folders that are date related, but the picasa face recognition feature could be the easiest way for her to find pictures of her husband.

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