How to Re-size a photo

Dear Computer Lady,

I really enjoy you letters!

How do I scan a photo, resize it, put it on my computer
and then send it to Internet

The size I want is 132 x 165 pixels


Dear Millie,

The exact steps you take to do this depend on a couple of things, what your scanner is, what program you are using to resize your photo, and what website you want to upload to.

Since I probably don’t have the same scanner as you, and I don’t have a membership at the website you want to upload to, I am going to have to be kind of general about those parts of my answer.

Lets start with scanning.

Your scanner came with software that you install on the computer when you set the scanner up. When you open the scanning software, you want to scan your photo and save it as a .jpg file. Make sure you save it someplace easy to find, if I am working with a file that I want to put online but don’t need to keep on my computer forever, I usually save it on my desktop. That way it is easy to find, and I can just drag it to the recycle bin when I am finished with it.

Once you have your photo scanned and saved on your desktop, it is time to get it ready for the website. I have a great, free program called, Irfanview that I use for simple graphics work. It will work great for this job. You can download irfanview at:

Once you have downloaded and installed Irfanview, start the program, and click “File” then “Open” to find your photo and open it.

To resize your photo, click on “Image” in the menu bar, then click on “Resize/Resample”.

This will open a dialog box where you can set the new size you want your picture to be. Make sure there is a check mark in front of “Preserve aspect ratio” then make the larger dimension 165 pixels. The smaller dimension will automatically resize as well.

When I did this with a photo I took on my digital camera, the picture turned out exactly the dimensions I needed.

When you have your photo the size you want, be sure to save it again, then you can work on getting it on your website.

You will have to find the link to upload your photo, then you usually need to click the “Browse” button and find your photo (it is easy to find on the desktop). Upload the photo and enjoy sharing it.


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