How To Resize a Batch of Photos

Dear Computer Lady,

Hi just wondering if you could please tell me if it is possible to increase/reduce the size of photos in bulk for pasting onto the net.

Thanks in advance, Evelyn

Dear Evelyn,

I know that it is possible in the free program, Irfanview, in fact I have done it before.

To start, if you don’t already have the free program, Irfanview, you can download it at:

Once downloaded and installed, open irfanview.

Click on the “File” menu, then click on “Batch Conversion/Rename”.

This will open a dialog box where you can select photos on the right.

Click to select, “Batch conversion – rename result files” You want this option so that you still have an original copy of your images.

Click to place a checkmark in front of, “Use advanced options for bulk resize”, then click the “Advanced” button. A new dialog box will open.

Click to place a checkmark in the “Resize” section.

Now select your options. If you want all the images to be the same height, set that height in the box. Make sure “Preserve Aspect ratio” and “Use Resample Function” are selected.

There are a lot of other adjustments you can make, when you are done, click “OK”

Now fill in the rest of the dialog box, selecting a name for the new images, where you want them to be saved, etc.

Click the “Start Batch” button to start the process.



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