Image Editing in Windows 8

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Windows Vista had a photo editing program that was great.

Windows 8 sends me to Paint and it doesn’t work well at all.

How can I find the old photo editing program on 8? Is it possible?

I was referred to a download on MS but it gives the option of installing all of Windows Essentials which includes Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, Writer, MS Skydrive, and Outlook Connector Pack OR I can do a custom install.

If I just install Photo Gallery will this work and allow me to edit my photos with cropping not just as a box but adjusting each side individually, adjust exposure, saturation, adjust red eye, etc?

If so, when downloading my photos how do I get them into Photo Gallery?


Dear Brenda,

All versions of Windows come with the, Paint application, which allows you to do some very basic image adjustments, but it is not really made to work with photos.

The program that you used with Vista is probably the same Photo Gallery program that is part of the Windows Essentials, and you don’t have to install the entire package, just choose to do a custom install and check off only the applications that you want to install.

Once you install Photo Gallery, it will search your computer for your images and allow you to view and edit them. When you download new photos, they are not stored in Photo Gallery, or any other application. They should be stored in your “Photos” folder, then you can use any image application you wish to view and edit the photos.

Another application to consider would be, Picasa at: This would also allow you to view and edit your photos.



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    • Rhino
    • May 27, 2014

    Oh my gosh… IMHO do NOT use Picasa… it will by default make itself the default viewer, it will by default categorise all your photos (and when I tried it some time back it started sending info to Fakebook )

    For once, I would used the Microsoft Photo Gallery programme in preference to “that” freeware on the net.

    • ron007
    • May 27, 2014

    Well, first of all you HAVE to tell us exactly what the program was on vista you were using? We are not mind readers… so tell us. It may or may NOT be part of Vista, or some other bundle, such as MS OFFICE.

    The old program is probably no longer included with Win 8. MS “improved” many old tools away and replaced them with “new and improved Metro” tools. Tools that many users do not agree are improved in any way …

    Many people have complained that “Picture Manager” is no longer included with Office 2013/365. Is it possible that is your problem? There is a simple, FREE, fix for that problem I can share with you.

    There are many free photo editing tools you can find on the internet.

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