Importing Photos in Windows 7

Dear Computer Lady,

Each week when receiving The Weekly Sentinel, your article is the first thing I read. Thanks for answering all those questions.

I have two questions in regards the Windows 7 and the Microsoft download camera wizard, which is a lot different then the one in Windows XP.

1. I would like to only download part of the new pictures on my camera to one named folder and the others to a different named folder. The wizard makes me download all the pictures to one folder and then I have to manually move (and rename) the pictures to other folders.
2. The wizard only allows the pictures to be downloaded once and sometimes I have reason to download them a second time and cannot figure out how to do that.

If you have any ideas on how to do the above items, I would truly appreciate it.


Dear Richard,

Thank you for your kind comments!

When it comes to downloading your pictures from your camera, the download wizard is easy to use, but does not have many customization features.

In answer to your first question, I am not aware of any way to specify which pictures to download (I’m pretty sure it is all or nothing) or that you can specify more than one location for the pictures.

For your second question, I can only guess that you have a check mark in the box that erases the images from the camera after importing. If you remove that check mark, the images will stay on the camera, and you should be able to download them as many times as you want. Each time, the would go into a folder with the date that you imported them.

If you are looking for more powerful importing software, I did find a couple of programs online. I have not had a chance to try these programs yet, but hopefully someone else has used them and can share their experiences in the comments section on my website.

Here are two programs that I found. They look like they might be great programs, but I have not used them:

Smart Photo Import:

RoboImport- Digital Camera Downloader:


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