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Dear Computer Lady:

Thank for your help and the information that you have given all of us over the years.

When I transfer my photos from my iPhone (iPhone 6S+)to my PC (I have Windows 10) most of the transferred picture to the PC come upsidedown or sideways. Most of the time the pictures on the iPhone are rightside up, as they should be.

I have to adjust each picture on the PC that is upside down or sideways.

Please help me to correct this problem.

Thank you, Robert in CA

Dear Robert,

I take photos with my iPhone all the time, and while I do have the occasional upside-down or sideways photo, it doesn’t happen very often. So, I decided to do a little research and this is what I found.

The orientation of your photos depends on how you hold the phone when you are taking the picture.

If you are taking a picture in portrait mode, you want to have the home button on the bottom of your phone, not the top.

When you are taking the picture in landscape mode, you want to rotate the phone to the left so that the volume buttons are on the bottom.

I frequently take pictures of papers laying flat on the table (instead of photocopying them) and I have found that I need to hold the phone in the direction I want to orient the photo before I take the photo. Otherwise, I often end up with an upside-down or sideways photo.

Hopefully this will help you with your photography.



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