Putting Photos in Order

Dear Computer Lady,

I have Vista Home Premium and have been scanning my children’s photos in preparation to putting on a disc. Is it possible to change the order of my photos to arrange them in chronological order? I have been going around in circles and getting nowhere.

Hoping you can help me. Thanks Elaine.


Dear Elaine,

When you scan your photos, you have to give them a name, or if you don’t give them a name, they get named something like, “scanimage001”

If you are viewing your photos in Windows Explorer (in your pictures folder for example) the photos are arranged by file name. What I do to keep them in order by date is to put the pictures in folders that are named by date with the year first, then the month and day. You can also name the individual pictures the same way. If I have a picture of my wedding in 1981, I would name the whole folder, “1981_01_31” and then give the pictures inside the folder numbers based on the order I want them to display. You can combine the numbers and a descriptive name as long as the numbers come first. Here is an example: 015_coming_down_the_isle.jpg If that file was in my wedding pictures folder, it would be the 15th picture listed, and also have a nice description.

Since you have already scanned many of your photos, you can easily change the filename. Here are the directions.

1. Open your pictures folder by clicking on the Start Orb, then click on “Pictures” 2. Locate the picture you want to rename, and right click on it. 3. Click on “Rename” in the context menu that appears. The picture name will be highlighted in blue. 4. You can just replace the old picture name by typing a new one, or click at the beginning of the name and type your number. 5. Press the “enter” key on your keyboard, or click a blank spot in the pictures folder to save your new picture name.

Be sure to start your numbers with leading zeros. The reason for this is that if you name your pictures 1, 2, 3, etc, when you get to 10, it will line up between 1 and 2. If you name them 01, 02, 03, etc., 10 will be after 09. If you will have more than 99 pictures, name them with two leading zeros like this: 001, 002, 003, etc.


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