Replacement For Windows Photo Gallery

Dear Computer Lady,

I understand Microsoft no longer supports Photo Gallery.

What is a photo enhancement program that works with Windows 10?

Thank you, Patricia

Dear Patricia,

Finding a replacement for Windows Photo Gallery really depends on what you have been using the program for.

Here are some options, and what they are best used for.

First, is a program that I have used for years now, Irfanview. It is an image viewer that also has some basic editing abilities. I first started using Irfanview because it was much faster than the Windows image program at the time (probably Windows 95). If you want to quickly go through images on your computer, Irfanview will quickly go from one image to the next using only your spacebar (and backspace key if you want to go back to a previous image). You can also use it to quickly rotate, crop or resize an image.

If you are looking for something more like photoshop, there is Gimp. Gimp is open source software, so there is no cost. There are also quite a few tutorials on the web site for using it. While Gimp does have a learning curve, it is a very powerful image editor.

If you are looking for a way to organize your photos, XnView might be what you are looking for. While I have not used it, XnView is free for non-commercial use and it allows you to create categories and ratings for your pictures.

I simply use File Explorer to organize my photos. I create folders with the date or name of event and store my photos in those folders. This allows me to browse through many years worth of photos and find what I am looking for rather quickly.


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